Opening Week Recap…

Well the first week of the season is complete and its been such an emotional seven days. With the death of Nick Adenhart a lot of things were put into perspective for myself and the team. I was hoping for big things this season since I had season tickets, I was expecting at least another division title and if the stars aligned, a World Series title. However, with the tragic loss of Nick, I’ll be content with us playing hard everyday in honor of him.

Seeing the memorial for Adenhart in front of Angel Stadium was truly inspiring. The Angels organization did a great job of putting together a video tribute Friday night and I hope they leave his number on the mound for the rest of the season. This season is no longer about winning a championship, its about playing hard for Nick…if that brings us a World Series title, so be it. 

As for Angels performance thru two series, I’ve been impressed with our starting pitchers. The rotation was supposed to struggle until Lackey, Santana, and Escobar returned, but everyone has pitched great. Saunders pitched great opening night and was solid in the loss on Saturday, Weaver looked brilliant Friday night, and Moseley has held is own so far. Now were gonna have to see what we can get from Shane Loux and Anthony Ortega (who I assume will take Adenhart’s spot).
Our bullpen on the other hand has been a disaster. Arredondo, Speier, and Jepsen have all been roughed up, while Fuentes has already blown one save. Its early so Im not too concerned cause all those guys should settle down and give us one of the best bullpens in the league.
Through two series our lineup has been mostly what I expected, we still lack power but make up for it somewhat with our small ball approach. Figgins has already stolen five bases and scored seven runs through six games. We’re at our best when Figgins can get on and create havoc. Howie Kendrick is making great contact and finding holes, Kendry Morales is showing some good power, and Abreu is looking like a solid pickup. Unfortunately, were not getting not much production once we have runners in scoring position and not taking advantage of opportunities to bust games open early. We also need Guerrero, Hunter and Rivera to flex some muscle and knock some out the park (I am happy Vlad was able to get a hold of one today though).

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