Angels 5 – Oakland 2

As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I’m a very emotional person when it’s concerning the Angels…one minute Im praising their efforts, while others I’m throwing in the towel. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m feeling real good about our team right now, even though my last post was about the ineptitude of our bullpen.

Mike Scioscia finally made a smart move and has put Mike Napoli in the lineup for good as DH. With Vlad out our team is lacking patient and powerful hitters, Napoli is a godsend because he takes alot of pitches, draws walks and hits for power. So far Napoli is batting .364 this season and has gotten on base 13 out of his last 14 at bats. Im just worried that once Vlad comes back he will lose his regular spot, but I’ll worry about that later.



Joe Saunders was his regular self, pitching strong into the 7th inning and only giving up 2 runs; while the bullpen surprising didnt blow the lead. Its sorta sad cause I dont feel comfortable with any lead right now cause we’ve already blown a couple big leads. But last night, Arredondo and Fuentes looked good and closed out the game.

Lets get the sweep with a win today.


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