Bobblehead Time!!!!!!!!!!!

So after a pretty impressive 2 game sweep of Oakland were riding a 3 game winning streak and now are back at home to face the Toronto Blue Jays. I’m hoping we can continue our great hitting and pitching but I am worried about tonight’s Roy Halladay v. Anthony Ortega pitching matchup. However, I did do a little research and found that Halladay struggles against us when he pitches here (2-3 record with a 6.35 ERA).

But I am excited about Ervin Santana bobblehead tonight (which will add to my collection that includes Figgins, Scioscia, Guerrero, Salmon, Lackey, Weaver, and Hunter).



Just one more thing, I do have to give lots of credit to Gary Matthews Jr cause he’s been playing great this season. After starting the season complaining about playing time (leading me to bash him on this blog), Matthews was giving an opportunity to play when Vlad got hurt and since then he’s been doing great. In our 5-3 victory against the A’s last night, he went 2-5 and drove in three runs. So far, Matthews is batting .288 and still is one of the best defensive outfielders in the game (he doesnt even need to look the ball into his glove, look at those eyes)




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