Say It Aint So Manny!!!!!



So it’s all over the news that Manny just tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Looking at Manny, I never considered him to be someone who would be suspected of taking anything like that because his body has never changed. When you look at Manny in comparison to say, McGwire or Sosa, you can obviously tell that he wasn’t taking anything that would drastically change his body. My guess is that he took some supplement that was on the banned list and got busted for it.

The loss of Manny for 1/3 of the season will obviously have a drastic effect on the Dodgers. Not only do they lose his bat, but they lose the protection he creates for the rest of the lineup. Fortunately, he will be back by July which still gives them plenty of time to make up any ground if they slip in the division (even though I still think there good enough to remain in first place without him).

On the Angels front: Last night was a disaster and would consider it our worst performance of the season; Anthony Ortega gave up 6 runs in a lil more than one inning, the bullpen gave up 7 runs across 6 innings, and the offense couldnt generate anything. However, the Ervin Santana bobblehead was real cool and will make a decent addition to my collection.

Even better news is the reports that Lackey and Santana are scheduled to return within the next few weeks. As long as they pitch decent that would give us four quality pitchers (Lackey, Santana, Saunders and Weaver) and we could throw Palmer and Loux in the bullpen. I seriously think we need to release Speier, Bulger and Jepsen because they just arent cutting it and Im really close to thinking that Shields is done also. Once we get our starting pitchers back we need make some changes in the bullpen in order to keep us from blowing leads and I think throwing Loux and Palmer (who have pitched more great) would really bolster our team.



  1. luckylori

    While the bobblehead’s cool, I’m sure you would’ve rather been there for Weaver’s complete game! Don’t give up on the relievers. They’re settling down (somewhat) and things will improve with Lackey and Santana coming back.

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