Weaver Goes Old School

Last night was 80’s Night at Angel Stadium as we faced the Blue Jays for the final game of our 2 game series. We needed a big performance after Wednesday’s 13-1 beating and Jered Weaver sure came thru. He pitched a complete game and only gave up one run on three hits to improve his record to 3-1 with a 2.66 ERA. I’ve been giving a lot of praise to Joe Saunders but have yet to mention how great Weaver has been this year.



He has always had the talent to be a star but he sometimes lets his emotions get the best of and then falls apart when he struggles. However, last night he used that emotion to his advantage and completely dominated a Blue Jays team that beat us up the game before. His breaking ball was dancing around and led to plenty of swings and misses. Im hoping that Weaver can continue to use his emotions to fuel him but at the same time stay focused because if he can he’ll continue to pitch great.

Going back to 80’s night….the game was so much fun last night as the team wore sweet throwback uniforms (pictured above), the PA played 80’s songs as we came up to the plate (my favorite was Hunter playing “Electric Avenue”), and on the scoreboard the players faces were superimposed and 80’s icons (Izturis was Super Mario, Abreu was Scarface, Mathis was He-Man, etc.)

But again the show was stole by Weaver’s great performance and some timely hitting by Izturis (2 RBI), Napoli (2 run HR) and Figgins (3-4 with 2 SB).



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