Happy Mothers Day!!!

Just finished watching the final game of the Angels-Royals series (from home, I didnt go to the game cause it’s Mother’s Day) and we just completed our first 3-game sweep of the season. 

After falling behind 3-0, we rallied back to take a 4-3 lead thanks to a clutch hit by Jeff Mathis and a couple of sacrifices from Figgins and Morales. Loux didnt get the win but pitched good enough to keep us in the game (he only gave up 3 runs in 6 innings).
But the best play came from Torii Hunter, who made an amazing catch in the top of the ninth and preserved our one-run lead. Up 4-3 in the inning, Brian Fuentes came in to close out the game and promptly gave up a long blast to Miguel Olivo. However, Hunter read the ball perfectly and made a leaping catch over the wall to rob Miguel Olivo of a home run. 
Hunter has become my favorite Angels player because of his hard play and his personality. Every time Hunter runs out into the outfield at the start of inning he always tips his cap and acknowledges the fans. When I went to spring training this weekend, Hunter made every attempt to sign every autograph he could. I would’ve gotten his autograph but Scioscia yelled at him to get into the dugout when he was like two people away from me. 
But it’s plays like the one he made today that makes him great. Despite struggling at the plate, Hunter made his presence felt by saving the game with that miraculous catch. 
There was an article in Sports Illustrated earlier this year that said that Hunter had lost his step and was actually a mediocre outfielder:

I thought the article was ridiculous when I read it, I’ve watched Hunter in person the last two years and he continues to make amazing plays and in my opinion is the best center fielder in baseball.
Today’s catch was more proof that Hunter is still an elite defensive player….GO TORII

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  1. luckylori

    What amazing Angels baseball we’ve been seeing! Torii earns every cent he makes. Matt Palmer’s complete game tonight was fantastic. It just keeps getting better. Let’s hope Santana is in fine form tomorrow. Go Angels!

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