Angels v Red Sox

Despite just taking two out of three games against the Red Sox, there are so many complaints I want to voice about our team and our fans….

1. The Angels have the worst fans. I went to two of the games in the Red Sox series and despite outnumbering Red Sox fans 20 to 1, it still seemed like there were more Boston fans than Angels Fans at the games. I’ve always recognized that Angel fans are too busy drinking and causing fights to actually watch the game, but seeing us in comparison to Red Sox fans was pathetic. Boston fans cheer at every play their team makes and constantly heckle the opponent, while we can’t even muster a cheer when the scoreboard read, “MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!” As a result, I seriously felt like I was watching the Angels play on the road rather than surrounded by thousands of loyal fans. How pathetic…

2. Scot Shields is done. He took the loss in the first game, didnt play in the second because Scioscia was too scared to go to the bullpen and had Matt Palmer pitch a complete game (Palmer is a godsend, with the victory he moved to 4-0, 3.38 ERA), and then blew the save in the third game. Shields has never been the type of pitcher to overpower hitters, so if his accuracy is off he’s gonna struggle. Unfortunately he’s location has been off all season and he’s been falling behind on hitters and getting hammered when he pitches across the plate.



3. Our starting pitching continues to shine. Jered Weaver (3-1, 2.74 ERA) has become a bonafide stud and would have won Tuesdays game had the bullpen not betrayed him. Matt Palmer continues to beat quality teams; so far this season he’s beat the Yankees, the Tigers and Boston. Joe Saunders is already one of the best 10 pitchers in baseball. And now we have Santana back (gave up three runs in five innings Thursday) and John Lackey is scheduled to pitch on Saturday.

4. Torii Hunter and Mike Napoli deserve some MVP consideration so far this season. We all know how good Hunter is, he’s been an superstar most of his career and he’s carried our team with his hitting and fielding. However, Napoli has risen from a part-time catcher into a full-fledged hitting machine and has allowed the Angels to actually have better scoring statistics since Guerrero has been out. Both Hunter and Napoli deserve All-Star nods.




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