Texas Disaster…

For all the good that came from the Boston series, we took another step back by getting swept by Texas. We could have taken over first place in that series but looked flat the entire series. The return of John Lackey was marred when he got thrown out of the first game after only two pitchers. I seriously cant believe that the umpire thought he was throwing at the batter on purpose….THE GUY HASNT PITCHED IN 6 MONTHS!!!!


Outside of the 9th inning of the first game (where we scored 5 runs) our offense only scored 6 runs in the other 26 innings in the series, including our first shutout of the season.

Starting the season Texas was the team that I was most fearful of in our division. Oakland and Seattle both have a mediocre lineup and pitching staff so I never thought they would stay in the race the entire season. However, Texas has one of the best lineups in baseball with: Kinsler, Hamilton, Young, and Blalock; but their problem has been having one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball. So far this season their pitching has been good enough to allow the offense to win the games. Im hoping that as the season goes on their pitching will struggle and allow us to get back in the division.

But with the return of Lackey (who got his first win Monday night) and Santana (who gave up 3 runs in 5 innings against Boston) our pitcing staff is starting to finally be at full strength. Furthermore, Vlad Guerrero is expected to return to the team the beginning of next which will be a big boost to our team. With about a quarter of the season complete, were finally gonna have a full team and can now make a run at the division.


One comment

  1. doradobro

    I agree completely about Texas. They’ve got the bats but they don’t have the pitching to carry them through. The Angels looked good last night…they were definitely hitting. Lackey will settle down and Vlady coming back will help, even if it’s only for morale. I really like Napoli in the DH spot so we’ll see!

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