Two steps forward, two steps back….

Everytime we seem to be taking off and playing good baseball (the recent Toronto series), we immediately follow up with a dismal performance (the Detroit series) and fine ourselves in the same position as before.

The only thing consistent about our team is our inconsistency. Our hitters are hot and cold, our starting pitching remains strong but doesnt get any help from the worst bullpen in baseball (at this point, I’d sign Mitch Williams and his mullet).



I’ve always been a big fan of Scioscia, but he’s too loyal and stubborn to a fault. Unlike Steinbrenner, who always made big moves at the first sight of despair, Scioscia tends to try and weather the storm. Unfortunately, this year’s team is simply average and if we expect to make the playofffs some changes need to be made.

First off, with Kelvim Escobar back and looking good in his first start (5 innings, 2 runs), he would be more useful to us in the bullpen, allowing Matt Palmer to keep his spot in the rotation.



Secondly, I would turn Vlad into a bench player and play Rivera and Napoli full-time. Both players have shown that with consistent playing time they can both hit at least .280 and belt 25-30 home runs. With Vlad still a little hurt and getting older he’s clearly not the same player he was a few years ago.

I still cant believe I would want someone with hair like this to play full-time (if you can’t tell his tips are frosted)





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