Independence Day

Remember that movie? I remember seeing it as a 14 year old and thinking it was the coolest thing my eyes had ever seen. However, anytime its on now I find myself doing the same thing I do when Kevin Jepsen step on the mound…close my eyes. 

(I seriously hope Kevin Jepsen doesn’t follow my blog cause if so Im a dead man).
Back to baseball…the holiday weekend turned out to be very successful for the Angels with us taking 3 of 4 against the Orioles, overcoming 4 run deficits in the last two games. 
More importantly, Vlad got back is starting two get his swing back, belting two home runs and driving in 7 runs. 
Also, congratulations to Torii Hunter and Brian Fuentes for making the All-Star team. Hunter has been the most consistent force for this team the entire season and has consistently wowed fans with his glove and bat, while Fuentes has bounced back from a shaky start to lead the league in saves.
Also, Chone Figgins is one of the nominees in the American League for the final spot in the All-Star game and he deserves to go to St. Louis…so make sure you vote online at


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