About steve0gom0

Hmmmm…how can I make myself seem cool?
Here we go, Im 27 years old (but I am of Latin descent, so
there is a chance my birth certificate is incorrect and Im
really 4 years older than I really am). I’m an Angels season
ticket holder, which I was reluctant to purchase because they
always lose win I go during the regular season…it is
important to note that the Angels are 9-1 in the playoffs
when Im there. I’m bitter about the 2005 Playoffs because we
would have won the World Series if AJ Pierzynski wouldnt have
acted like Josh Paul dropped the pitch and ran to first base
(He caught it clean). Pierzynski is still on my list of
people to sucker punch. Im addicted to Fig Newtons and Raisan
Bran Crunch. I listen to Indie Rock and play in two softball
leagues (I would compare myself to a young Rex Hudler cause I
cant hit). I graduated from Cal-State Fullerton (2004
Baseball NCAA Champions)